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Annie the bordoodle

Four weeks ago, I had the bones above and below my knee sawed apart. Then the surgeon took the kneecap off and did some other yucky stuff before putting everything (including a bionic part) back in and sticking the kneecap back on. Then she sewed me up. By the[…]

Man raping woman.

I had fled the confines of Norwalk State Hospital and planted a mattress on the floor in the spare room of my parents’ apartment, a fresh start of sorts. I determined to get my act together and make it all work for me and my sweet little boy.[…]

The Looney Bin

Metropolitan State Hospital in Norwalk, California had suddenly become my new home (see 3:3 ~ The Looney Bin). My parents cared for my baby while I was there. They told me, “You need help.” I entered the intake process a little excited about someone taking charge of me[…]

A few weeks ago I promised I was going to refinish a plastic…yes, I said plastic, thrift shop mirror and then show you the steps I took to reach the final project.  I wanted to try Annie Sloan Chalk paint because I had read online that it shows[…]

Hiding from Michael the Archangel, but mental illness would find me.

I had finally gotten away from Michael the Archangel (See prior post). Once the taxi dropped me off at my new friend Skip’s apartment and he got over the shock that I actually showed up, he helped us get settled in. I sat on his couch shaking like[…]

My eldest son, Bruce, was now aware that I would need brain surgery in order to save my own life. There was something powerful about taking matters into my own hands after a neurosurgeon told me there was no hope, but I knew that without God’s help, I[…]

If you have visited me before, you notice a big change! I am redecorating.  You may notice that this theme is decidedly feminine. Just so you know…I do not decorate like this anywhere in my home. The photo above is me with my first dog, Annie,  at our[…]

I wasn’t totally lost in my thoughts. I thought about a lot of things after receiving news from a neurosurgeon that my tumor was inoperable. Foremost in my mind were my children, and how they would take this news. I waited a couple of days and then called[…]

I love books that make me think. We all occasionally run across books that do this, evoking strong emotions , changing us for the better. I Am, A 60-Day Journey To Knowing Who You Are Because of Who He Is, is one of those rare books that did[…]

My brain surgeon’s office was two states away, so I recovered in my own bed back home in Montana. With all that had happened in the last few weeks, I truly believed God had done something very special for me. Still, each morning I staved off the panic attacks that[…]

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