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Hi. I’m Linda Lochridge Hoenigsberg. I use my first and middle name when I write. I mean, who is going to be able to google “Hoenigsberg” and come up with me?

I used to think that my life story was so outrageous and absurd that people would clamor to Barnes and Noble to pick up a hardcover copy of my memoir.  I even wrote a manuscript and sent query letters out to thirty agents. Two of them actually wrote me very nice letters with lots of advice. I considered this a success.

The idea for a memoir wasn’t totally due to self-absorption. I have always believed that if I would have met someone earlier in my life, who had gone through the same sort of darkness, and had come out on the other side, intact no less, I may not have spent so much time in that terrible place. Maybe I wouldn’t have spent twenty years of my life battling my way back to emotional freedom.

Maybe, just maybe, I could have done it in, say, three!

I’m a psychotherapist now, and I work with adolescents and children who have been abused, neglected, abandoned. When I hear their stories, I don’t think mine is all that, well…bad. But hey…on the off chance there’s someone out there who needs a little hope…I’m your gal. There’s not a whole lot of experiences out there I haven’t had. Of course, I like to say, it’s not over ’till it’s over. But I’m ready for anything…

Oh, and you can find me over at my professional website at www.lindahoenigsberg.com

And TWEET me @LHoenigsberg

-Linda Lochridge Hoenigsberg

It’s never too late to become what you might have been.

-George Eliot

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25 comments on “About the author…

  1. I’m with you. “It’s never too late to become what you might have been.”

  2. Linda,
    Your writing is terrific! I kept reading post after post – now it’s after 10 pm and I’ve got to get ready for tomorrow.
    You absolutely should use one of those internet services that will edit your blog posts into a book and self publish.
    Terrific, terrific, terrific.
    I’m so glad you commented on my blog so I found you!

  3. Cathy Christensen-Curry on said:

    Stunning, Linda. But I always thought you were. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Good stuff! You grabbed me from the first post.

    I happened to see a comment you left on copyblogger and discovered your blog.

    Keep up the good work, Linda!

  5. Hey Linda,
    Read you blog.. Its very nice
    When we share our thoughts, problems with others we seek better solutions, Sharing is CARING

    • Hello there. Sharing is caring! When my story is done (as well as my life) I hope I have reached back and helped some thrive regardless of the hard stuff. We all experience it. Sometimes it’s hard to find our way out when we don’t have others who have gone before us.

  6. I’ve started reading your blog and will be back for more. Thanks, Linda!

  7. mary n on said:

    So many people suffer and think they are alone. But, they are not! Thank you for writing about your trials and triumphs.

  8. Hi…happy to know you are reaching out to less fortunate people in life.And welcome aboard! Rarin’ to follow you further…

  9. I love the way you write! Your honesty is so refreshing and it allows a reader to identify with your struggles and insight. It’s comforting for us to see ourselves in your words, your challenges, and your success. Keep writing!

    • linda.h on said:

      Thank you Darlene…I needed to hear that right now!! I seemed to have lost most of my followers when I moved over to this blog site and I’ve been telling myself some pretty negative things about my writing! How did you know? ;o)

  10. Dear Linda- I read your “about author” page and a post about your herb garder….both intrigued me since my husband grew up on Fox Island and graduated from Penninsula High. We lived in Gig Harbor for a couple of yers, my grandfather’s two brothers and a sister homesteaded out in the Rosedale area many years ago before I was born. There’s even a street after my maiden name Gustafson Dr. So your blog caught my attention – connected via Dixie Diamanti, who is a contributor for our online woman’s magazine. Love to connect with you!

    • linda.h on said:

      Hi Carol! That is such a coincidence! I loved it there. I would move back if I could. I remember Gustafson Drive! We will connect. Thank you!

  11. Linda, this blew me away! Isn’t it strange how we can look at people in a photo–this happens to me all the time–and just assume they came from a place where everything was cozy, perfect, and calming? When I see your beautiful face and feel the loving spirit that you exude, I did the same thing. I’m guilty of this all the time and, in reverse, people who know me today are completely shocked about my background; my face doesn’t show it either. I’m so happy I dropped by your blog today. I’m sorry you had to live that way; I lived in one place as a kid on my own and woke up with cockroaches on my face regularly. For extending hope, I’m glad you’re ‘the gal.’ Please let me be that to you if you tire some day and need a little boost. I must read your memoir!

    • linda.h on said:

      Terry…you are a face of hope to me…have been since I first found you online! We are connected for sure. Thank you so much for commenting!

  12. Hi, Linda
    I’m glad to be receiving your blog. As a relative newcomer, however, I have one question: would you please make it easier to find your life story? I’ve found bits and pieces in various places, and others have made tantelizing comments about other pieces I can’t seem to locate. So on this blog site it would be really helpful to have a “Guide to My Life” that was a sort of Table of Contents to where to find the stories of your life. It could just be a list of links or blog post titles perhaps. Or if there are physical or e-books involved, links to where they’re sold.
    And if this is already available somewhere, let me know where and I’ll be happy! 🙂

    • Linda Lochridge on said:

      Hi Laura,
      What a great idea! Honestly, if you start at the oldest post and work forward, it’s all there in chronological order, and, I am actually rewriting it and starting it all over again! But I love your idea of a “Guide to My Life.” I’m going to do that! Thank you so much.

  13. Carol L Fink on said:

    Hello, I was hoping to speak with you about Annie. My husband and I have her now and I was hoping to get some background on her.
    You can email me at cfink1967@gmail.com. Annie is definitely challenging. I was curious to know if you ever took her to obedience training. I also have some pictures and videos
    I could send you if you’d like to see her again.