Let Me Be Perfectly Clear

I received news from a friend recently. After reading my post titled, “Rehoming Annie,” she was under the impression that the breeding home where I bought her was at fault. As I re-read my post, I could totally see how someone could reach that conclusion. I want to clear the record. I may have not communicated this well, but I do believe with all my heart that what happened with Annie was due to two things…her particular unusual temperament AND me and my husband’s disabilities and age issues. This breed of dog may be more suitable for a younger family, or may be fine with an older family too.  Tom and I just weren’t up to the task due to physical limitations and our own temperaments. I personally know the breeders, their adult dogs, and the puppies that have come from them. They are wonderful animals. So full of fun, unusually intelligent, and full of love. In fact, the couple who adopted our Annie is doing fine with her. She just needed a little re-training to understand who is boss.

As far as the incident with Annie and the breeder’s little boy, I now know that Annie and the little boy were not in the same room. He was behind the gate. My husband was so upset after he got off the phone and misunderstood in the retelling.

I felt terrible about this post when I found out it was connected to this breeder. My intention in writing it was a lesson in listening to those nudges since I had read in my journal that we had decided NOT to get the puppy, and then did it anyway. It was never to suggest that she wouldn’t have been wonderful in a different home environment.

Any breed canine can become a “resource guarder.” I had never heard of this term until it happened with Annie. It is correctable if caught early, and it was corrected in Annie. I still miss her, still love her, still grieve over having to let her go. But I know it was the right decision for us and for her, and I am comforted by the fact she is with people who love her.

Our breeder and her husband are wonderful. The fact that they would take Annie back into their home, continue to raise and train her, and make sure she went to a wonderful forever home is priceless to me.

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