Using Chalk paint on a $2.25 Thrift Shop Mirror

A few weeks ago I promised I was going to refinish a plastic…yes, I said plastic, thrift shop mirror and then show you the steps I took to reach the final project.  I wanted to try Annie Sloan Chalk paint because I had read online that it shows the least brush strokes. I have wanted to start painting and repurposing furniture for quite awhile now so I’m experimenting with smaller objects first. For this project, I ordered two sample pots of Annie Sloan paint from a stockist, Robyn Story Designs (online). I ordered “Old White,” and “Paris Grey.”

I bought the original frame at our local thrift shop. It was a Thursday, so everything is one half off. The frame was $4.50, so I paid $2.25. Here is what I bought below:

So the first thing I did was simply clean off the dirt. I wanted a clean surface for the paint to adhere. Then I scratched the surface up a bit with some sandpaper since it was such a smooth plastic surface. I took care not to go too deep on the gold embellishments because I wanted some of that to show through. Next, I taped off the edges of the mirror with painters tape so I wouldn’t get much paint on the mirror itself:


My next step was to take some Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and touch some of the gold areas to keep paint from adhering. I then painted the entire frame with the Old White chalk paint. I wasn’t sure if I should use the white or the grey first, so this was definitely an experiment:


Next I wiped off the frame to take paint off of the Vaselined edges:

Annie Sloan chalk paint: Old White

I realized at this point that I should have left the Vaseline on until I had painted the frame with the Paris Grey paint, so I went ahead and painted it, and then used a sanding block to bring some of the gold back in:

Annie Sloan chalkpaint: Paris Grey

Once this was dry it was time for waxing! I have both clear and dark waxes. I used the clear wax first, making sure I covered every nook and cranny in the design. Then, I went  over this with dark wax. It looks scary as it almost looks like you have just ruined the piece by painting it dark brown, but the dark wax will come off because of the clear wax underneath. I used a 0000 steel wool to wipe off the dark wax. Here is the finished product! Notice how the wax finishes it off and takes away the chalkiness of the paint finish. I am very pleased with how it came out, and starting with such a small and inexpensive piece is helping me have confidence to tackle something larger.

Next…my living room end tables! I am going to try a French transfer on those, so stay tuned if you would like to see that process.

Annie Sloan chalk paint finished




Annie Sloan Old White Chalk paint

Annie Sloan Paris Grey Chalk paint

Foam brushes

Wax brushes

Clear wax

Dark wax

0000 Steel Wool

Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean wax brushes


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  1. Deb Green on said:

    Looks great girl! Was fun thrifting with you 🙂

  2. Very cool…

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