If you have visited me before, you notice a big change! I am redecorating.  You may notice that this theme is decidedly feminine. Just so you know…I do not decorate like this anywhere in my home. The photo above is me with my first dog, Annie,  at our home on Fox Island, Washington. That was almost twenty years ago. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge back in 2001 from cancer. She was only six years old and I was so very heartbroken.

Here is an example of what sits on my dining room table:



Also, this hand carved black forest stag head was one of the first art pieces I purchased when I started making my own money. I also love the wallpaper from England. You can click on the images to see them up close. This is in my living room. The rest of my living room has many things that evoke woodland, and nature. The colors are mainly browns and blues…very restful to me.


I don’t really have anywhere in my house to let my inner feminine goddess reign…so I’m going to do that here. Please…all you guys…don’t be scared off. The content will be the same with something else thrown in once in awhile just to keep you one your toes.  Thanks for being patient while I figure out all the ins and outs of configuring this new theme.

And take good care of you!



2 comments on “Redecorating

  1. Beautiful! I especially love the painted header flowers! Is that your artwork?

    • Hi Laura! No…I found this theme from “themeforest.” But I do watercolor paintings! I was thinking about doing a post that featured some photos of my artwork. I love this new theme. My other one was very plain. Yesterday my youngest son, who is a graphic designer, helped me make the logo of my name at the top. Thanks so much for commenting. It makes me want to keep posting things. :o)

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