You’re So Fired

I recently had a very frustrating, experience. I have three websites that I try to update and offer all sorts of tidbits and information. I have, which is a site I maintained for my private practice in Helena, MT, I have, which is a site where I wrote about my life story and other things I thought might interest folks, and I also have, which I hoped would host an online course one day. Well, a web developer who was trying to get me to allow him to host my sites first talked me into moving my sites to a different hosting company, then took my credentials and tried to move my sites to one he benefits from without my knowledge, and then lied to me about it. I care about his family (he has kids) so I’m not naming names.

Anyway, it was a HUGE ordeal. I spent several hours for a few days on the phone with the hosting companies to stop the transfer, and in the process found he had also transferred my domain names to a different company. It was a mess. The worst part is that it seems two different companies were hosting the three sites at the same time and so when I decided which company to keep, I inadvertently chose the one that only had the files up to the point I had switched over to the other company. What this means is that when I brought the three websites back online, the last blog posts in each of them were from quite a long time ago and everything more recent was lost.

I’m still going to try to find out where those files are and see if I can get them back, but they aren’t that important. In the meantime, I’ll just start writing again.

This whole scenario means nothing to you, my dear reader, except to say that I put a lot of DBT skills that I teach others into maintaining my cool while wading through all this mess, and guess what, it worked. Radical acceptance was huge for me. I had to accept the fact that this had happened, that it was out of my control, and that I just had to fix it the best I can. This meant that my frustration did not spill over to anyone else in my life (other than the web developer (He is “so” fired.).

See you again soon!

Linda Lochridge Hoenigsberg

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  1. maria nyberg on said:

    You are my hero–I am amazed at your ability to embrace life daily–

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