I’m at Home in Mitford

I walked up to the “new fiction” section of my local book store and picked up an intriguing book with an orange cover. I rubbed my thumbs the textured paper. It felt good under my fingers. The illustration of the small town with the stone chapel drew me in.  I flipped it over and read about a town where it’s easy to feel at home. Father Tim was a bachelor rector and wanted something more. But I put it back on the shelf. I didn’t think it would be my cup of tea. Too tame, I thought.

But each time I went into that bookstore, I was drawn back to that same orange book. I finally opened it up and noticed a hand drawn map of the town of Mitford. It looked like a place I would want to live. It was charming and quaint. It seemed quiet, like a place where stress is rare. There is a quirky cast of characters, perspective friends. I could picture myself walking the main streets of Mitford, stopping to say hi to the shop owners and petting the dogs of folks who happened by. Everyone would know my name. I finally bought a copy.

I have now read every book Jan Karon has written. I own the entire Mitford series, the Father Tim series, and even a couple of her children’s books. I also have the Mitford Bedside Companion, full of the recipes that were baked in Mitford kitchens.

Mitford is a town that is based after Blowing Rock, North Carolina, a town that streams full of visitors in summer;  those wanting a taste of what Karon considered an idyllic place to live and work. I would actually love to visit this small town myself some day.

Karon got a little weary of the town of Mitford and took us on a spin to Ireland in her last book, In the Company of Others. Many Mitford readers were hoping she would bring Father Tim and his new wife Cynthia home to Mitford once again. Well she did.

I am now the proud owner of the lastest Mitford book, Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good. I cannot wait to crack this baby open. Take me away, Jan Karon.

Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good

Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good


Have you read any of Jan Karon’s Mitford books? Leave a comment below and tell us what you thought!


2 comments on “I’m at Home in Mitford

  1. Funny – I was just admiring the book’s cover a couple of days ago. Guess I better check out the insides. Thank you.

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