3 Reasons to Have a Facebook Fan Page

I recently (like the day before yesterday) finally put up a Facebook page designed strictly for those who want to follow my writing path. I just never understood why a Facebook page would matter, or would help me launch my book(s). I mean, what does it matter that someone hits the “Like” button on a Facebook page? So I decided to research this a little bit. This is what I found out.

#1 You can only have one “Profile” page but can have multiple “Fan” pages. Profile pages are where you actual family and friends can connect with you. Fan pages allow you to get to know people who may not personally know you, but who may be interested in your work. You can also have a “Fan” page for each book you write.

#2 When someone “Likes” your “Fan” page, it automatically goes through their newsfeed, expanding your reach to their “friends” list. If you are writing as a way to reach and help others, this expands that reach beyond your personal “Friends” list.

#3 On “Fan” pages, Facebook has added “Facebook Insight,” which allows you to see how your fans are interacting with your content. If you are not providing valuable content, you will know it pretty quickly.

On my new fan page I will be sharing sample chapters, writing insights, quotes, and links to posts I think are valuable to you. I would love it if you would check it out and hit the “Like” button.




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