Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Photo of meI’m hearing Mick Jagger in my head as I’m writing that headline. That’s kind of funny when you stop and think about it. People have been using that phrase as a conversation starter for, well, probably centuries now, and I’m hearing Mick Jagger in the background when I type it out above this post. I don’t have any sympathy whatsoever for the devil, but it says a little bit about my background. I am one of the lucky ones, who saw The Rolling Stones in concert around 1975. The entire Forum in Inglewood, California was decorated in Japanese lanterns and mid-show a huge dragon weaved through the audience dancing to Jumping Jack Flash or some other song. It was absolutely amazing.

For those of you new to my blog, I want to take this time to tell you a little bit about what I’m attempting to do on this site. By the way, I just switched from to I wanted to add more bells and whistles, such as the ability to offer some audio, video, and give away my free e-book, available on the right in the sidebar. I have some things in mind for the future too, so stay tuned.

I first decided to start writing this blog last May after mulling over writing a book about my life for many years. I know by the looks on people’s faces when I begin to tell my story that many find it very inspiring. Since my mission in life is to inspire folks…inspire them to get healthier…to reach for their dreams…to never give up…to make a difference, those looks mean a lot to me. So I thought, how could I inspire even more people all at once? My first thought was to go around the country (world?) on a speaking tour. One part of me said, “Yeah, right.” Another part of me said, “Never say never.” It was all I thought about for four days straight when I woke up for a very risky brain surgery in 2006. You can read all about this in the post, “It Was A Dark And Stormy Night,” from the archives, May 2012.

But then I discovered blogs, and one day, when I had enough time to figure out this thing called “building a website,” I began.

If you want to read this memoir as if you picked up a book, start at the beginning posts from May 2012 and move forward by date order. That may be somewhat clunky, I know, so I really am attempting to turn this into a New York Times Bestseller (yeah, right and oh,  never say never).

Next week I’ll be picking up where I left off from “The Man in the Parking Lot.”  Please leave comments and ask me any questions you have.  Let’s get connected!





4 comments on “Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

  1. I am impressed with the makeover, Linda! I really love it and you are amazing!!

  2. Francis on said:

    RE: “The Guy In The Parking Lot”
    I love happy endings!

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