Oh, You Kids and Your Therapy…”

Hands raised to God by ocean

“Oh you kids and your therapy.  It was funny at the time.” These words became a joke between my three adult children and me. I […]

3 Strikes and You’re Out! Or Not.

© Cyrano | Dreamstime.com - Weird Gardener. Photo

I remember the first time I realized that I was a “by the rules” kind of gal. I was standing on a street corner in […]

Why I Gave Up Playing the Drums

Young woman playing drums outdoors (Focus on the drum)

When I was around twenty-two, music was one of the most important parts of my life. I would buy the latest album of one of […]

For The Love of God!

© Cammeraydave | Dreamstime.com - God Religion Love Background Photo

I was waiting for the light to turn green. A father and son stepped off the curb to my right and began to walk quickly […]

3 Things I Know Now (That I Didn’t Know Then)

Call God on Cell Phone

“I Taught You Everything I Know And You Still Don’t Know Nothing.’” Have you ever been on a path you were sure of, and then […]

Who’s Your Daddy?

One of the first things I learned as a brand new Christian was that God is my Father. I had heard and read the prayer […]

Benched! What To Do During a Time of Recovery

photo credit: www.dreamstime.com

I had finally made it! Well…almost. I had partially fulfilled a life-long dream and against all odds I had earned a college degree at 55-years-old. […]

5 of the Worst Things A Guy Could Do On A First Date

5 of the Worst Things

And You Won’t Believe Number 3!   We’ve all had them. First dates that should have been our last. If you are anything like I […]

More Books From 2014

The entire Mitford Series

As I began to tally up the books I read in 2014, I could not believe the number of them. Yesterday my list came from […]

A Few of My Favorite Books From 2014

Peaceful and warm image of a open book by fireplace.

Here are just some of the books I read in 2014. I will continue to cull through and add some business and some self-help books […]